How to Manage Anxiety in Uncertain Times_HBR article Gist

  • Write down what you need to do, and a plan to get it done. Tackle the distasteful tasks first and get them over with – procrastinating will only increase your anxiety. If your problem is not too much to do, but too little (which can be worse, in its way), seek out additional activities to stay busy and avoid brooding.
  • Reduce or eliminate physical stressors. Establish a routine for adequate sleep. Drink plenty of water. Reduce or eliminate caffeine. Identify your go-to self-medications: sugar, pizza, chocolate, Diet Coke, and make an effort to avoid them when anxiety hovers on the horizon. Meditation and deep-breathing exercises can also provide relief.
  • Taking a walk, observing the world outside your office, and breathing some fresh air makes a great midday stress reliever.
  • Nobody can do everything, so feel liberated to say no to demands on your time or energy that you know you can’t satisfy without undue anxiety. Say yes to activities that help you relax.


This is not my work. This is an article by Whitney Johnson posted in the Harvard Business Review which i found really informative.

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I wonder who’s by my side
I wonder what they think about me
I wonder if i am as worthless as they make me feel
Everyone around just goes on with their life
Ignoring my silent cries
Knowing that i am hurting
But never raising a single voice
Watching silently as they see me shiver
Watching silently as they see me getting pulled down
Not doing anything
Am i really not that nice
To not deserve a simple hug,
Am i really that bad
That people would purposely step upon me and crush my leftover light.
Where do i run
Where do I go
Miles and miles i go
But still see no one and end up alone
For i always stood up for myself and no one else has
No one will
And maybe that’s how I’ll rise.

How to cope when life does you wrong.


I always ask myself “Why”. Why am i doing this ? What am i going to get out of it? A good degree which the society terms as ideal?
Really? Am i doing it for that?
When i finally think of it, i realize that this is not my goal. I realize that this is not my dream, but a mere path to reach there. An challenge which i am trying to use in my favor. People say that you got to make rational choices but our dreams dont work like that. We are humans. We have insatiable desires. Sometimes we don’t like what we are supposed to but still bear with it. I think of it as a temperory solution. Since life is not fair a most of the times, you tend to make such decisions which are rational. And there’s nothing wrong with that. You are being prudent which happens when you aren’t confident about yourself or your wishes. But, the one thing you can always do is align those temperory choices in such a way that they either complement or become a value addition to your goals. Contrary to what successful people say that you should follow your dreams and go through with the choices your heart desires, i feel that you go with the choices which your brain and heart both agree. You might see sometimes that people put their heart and soul andand everyth they have in what they love, in what they are passionate about and yet, they fail. This is a real struggle.
You have to be smart or else you will drown if you fail.  And that is why be smart. Nobody can stop you from pursuing and achieving your goals. Nobody. Yet, there are hindrances in your way and situations which will impede your pace towards reaching them. And during those times, you have to be gallant because not only is your faith dwindling down but also there is no progress to motivate you. How to make most of it?, Start by knowing what you want, how to reach there? What is the best thing you can do in that situation so that you dont waste that time. So that even at the time of losing, you still gain something out of it. One fact which is universal is that things change. They will change. Today or tomorrow, the coin is going to flip and doors will be opened for new opportunities. You just have to have faith. Know that what your heart desires is in the sky and you are the ocean. Your path might be complicated and full of hurdles but even then, the sky and the ocean meet at the horizon. You don’t see it immediately but it happens. It will happen gradually when you stop letting the situations control you. THINGS WILL CONTROL YOU ONLY IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO.
Everyone has a purpose. You won’t know it sometimes but follow those impulses which make your heart soar. Chase your dreams. Chase that car you always wanted to buy. Chase the feeling you get when you help others. Even the most difficult situations will allow you to do things which are beneficial in chasing your dreams. You just have to look out for it and stay strong for some time. 

X) Sanika

The Inner Me

I have been bullied by myself
Sounds crazy. isn’t it?
Yes its true though
Nobody within miles knows
How the torture mentally goes
Hidden underneath the skull of mine
Is a weapon called brain of mine
I try and convince myself
Let it go let it go let it go
But the mind remembers every single night
When i cried myself till midnight
The memories stay
The horrors too
A lot of people say
This happens to everyone
You are just weak
And that’s what i tell myself
I over exaggerate my thoughts
Kill myself with negativity
The demon inside me claws and claws
But still i hold myself
Saying it will pass
It will pass?
It never does.
I go around in circles
Try to be happy
But it never passes
Every night it comes back to me
Every failure does
Every memory does
I choke myself with those thoughts
Slowly and steadily killing myself with it
But it never stops.


Why can’t you control them?

They are your thoughts!!

Thoughts which crowd your mind,

Thoughts which can ruin your life,

Is there any solution?

Or ways to control them?

From having a pessimist in my brain,

Who keeps stomping upon my faith;

Killing all those tiny rays of hope,

Which i gathered with so many difficulties,

How do you do it?

How do you rid yourselves of them?

They are doomed and depressing,

Especially not good when everything’s so saddening;

Nothing works by

Still i try

Still i try,

But is there any solution to cope?

To control their reins before they kill my hope?